Tiger’s Nest by Memo Paris
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Tiger’s Nest by Memo Paris

A beguiling fragrance experience – smoky, mysterious, and captivating

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With Tiger’s Nest, Aliénor Massenet whisks us away to famous Buddhist monastery Taktshang at the heart of the high mountains of Bhutan. Just like the mysterious Tiger’s Nest – another name for the monastery – this eau de parfum is surrounded by fascinating, captivating mysticism. This olfactory secret begins to reveal itself with the fresh-green notes of absinthe oil, which also exudes a subtle bitterness. The heart of the composition then opens up with the warm, resinous aroma of amber, rising from the depths with an intense scent of incense, revealing the creation’s opulently smoky, irresistibly mysterious character and conjuring an incomparably heady aroma experience. A brand-new fragrance in Samnaun – shop and find your perfume!

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