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The right cream for every problem area – made in Switzerland

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Your skin isn’t the same all over your body. That’s why each area of skin needs individual care. The skin689 cosmeceuticals offer the right product for each part of the body: anti-cellulite cream, upper-arm cream, décolleté and neck cream, décolleté mask, face mask, and many more.

What makes skin689’s creams unique?

  • They strengthen the collagen fibre network and connective tissues, boost elasticity, reduce fat cells, and smooth the skin.
  • They stimulate the energy metabolism, break down fat cells, and drain and tighten the skin over the long term.
  • They ensure greater tautness and fewer wrinkles by regenerating and strengthening the collagen and elastin fibre network.
  • They activate the long-life gene, hydrate, smooth, protect, and refresh the skin.
  • They are intensive and moisturising, relax the muscles responsible for facial expressions, and have an immediately smoothing effect.
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