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Customs regulations
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We’ve summarised the regulations that apply for the European Union here.

Customs regulations for EU countries

Duty-free import of souvenirs
Travellers can import goods from a third country duty-free under the following conditions.

The traveller carries the goods in question with them.

This applies to all transport methods the traveller may use (e.g. including train travel). If your luggage is sent ahead or forwarded separately, the goods do not count as being carried with you.

The goods are for the traveller’s own, personal use.

Souvenirs may be intended exclusively for the traveller’s personal use, for members of their household, or as gifts. Transporting goods for others in return for payment is therefore not permitted. The goods may not under any circumstances be intended for commercial purposes.

If these conditions are met, the following quantity/value allowances apply:

Tobacco products (minimum age 17)

  • 200 cigarettes (40 if resident in Austria) or
  • 100 cigarillos (20 if resident in Austria) or
  • 50 cigars (10 if resident in Austria) or
  • 250 grams of smoking tobacco (50 grams if resident in Austria) or
  • a proportional combination of these products

Alcohol/alcoholic beverages (minimum age 17)

  • 1 litre of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22% vol. or
  • 2 litres of spirits, aperitifs made of wine or alcohol, tafia, sake, or similar beverages with an alcohol content of less than 22% vol. and
  • 4 litres of wine (non-sparkling) and
  • 16 litres of beer
  • Perfume, coffee, tea, and precious metals fall under the general allowance for “Other goods”

Necessary medications for the traveller’s personal use

Other goods

  • Goods up to the total value of €300
  • For travellers under the age of 15, the maximum allowance is €150.

contained in a motorised vehicle’s main fuel tank (as installed by the manufacturer) may be imported duty-free. In addition, 10 litres may be carried in a portable container when the container is imported by car or motorcycle. However, any fuel imported duty-free may only be used in the vehicle in which it was imported.

Further information about allowances
Please note that limited quantity and value allowances apply for certain groups of people, such as residents of border-adjacent municipalities or cross-border commuters. To determine whether the value allowances have been complied with or exceeded, the value of the goods including foreign VAT shall be used. The value allowances of multiple people may not be combined. If the travel allowance is exceeded on non-divisible goods, the import duties shall be charged on the total value of the goods, and not solely on the value that exceeds the allowance.

These details are solely for informational purposes and are non-binding. They may be subject to change. For more detailed information, please contact the relevant customs authority.

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