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Odur means fragrance in Switzerland’s Romansch language. It also represents the story of two friends who promised each other at a young age to cherish their friendship their whole lives long. Their Graubünden roots, the power of the Graubünden mountains, and their shared passion for fragrances have stayed with and connected the friends through the decades. That’s how Patrick Stebler and Claudio Zier’s exciting, never-ending journey into the world of fragrances began. “We want to create a connection to our roots in Graubünden, our friendship, and nature.” This gave rise to four fantastic fragrances that were born not in the large world fragrance metropoles, but in the awe-inspiring mountains and valleys of Switzerland’s Graubünden region. Refined, passionate, unique – ODUR PINUS, ERVAS, CALMA, and TERRA. Yes, you heard that right: a fragrance from Samnaun – shop, test perfumes, and fall in love!

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