Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
The Hangl family & team
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The Hangl family has represented Alpine innovation and passion for sports and lifestyle since 1925.

Our mission

Everything we do, we do with joy and enthusiasm. That helps us show visitors the Swiss lifestyle and leave guests with a lasting love for the Hangl world. A friendly climate between employees, colleagues, and partners is part of our history and philosophy. Despite our long tradition, we think innovatively and assume the role of visionaries.

Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Only the best for our guests

We know that our guests have high standards. They expect the best. We want to meet and exceed those expectations. We work to achieve that day after day.

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Let us introduce ourselves

Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Johannes Hangl
Senior manager of Hangl AG
Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Andreas Hangl
Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Gaby Hangl-Lumpi
Beauty & Exklusives Manager
Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Martin Hangl
Sport & Mode Manager
Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Christian Hangl
Uhren & Schmuck Manager
Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Josef Hangl
Beauty & Exklusives Manager
Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family

Become part of the Hangl world!

The family-run Hangl world unites 12 businesses, including two hotels, a campsite, restaurants, a ski and bike school, duty-free shops, and fuel stations. Our goal is to create a unique world for people who are looking for sports, shopping, culinary indulgence, and holiday fun. Would you like to work with us?

The history of the Hangl family

Since the early days of skiing in the Alps, the Hangl family has been involved in various different areas of the winter sport. They have not only shaped the development of tourism in Samnaun, but also the evolution of skiing as a sport..

A Samnaun success story written by a “Prinz”

The family’s success story starts with a “Prinz” (Prince) – farmer Josef C. Prinz, who wrote the family’s first pioneering chapter when he and his wife Alberta converted their farmhouse into the first guesthouse in Samnaun village in 1925. The small “Gasthaus Stammerspitze” was expanded more and more over the years. In 1933, the Prinz family built an adjoining hotel, which in those days already offered running hot/cold water, central heating, and full board. The Samnaun post office was also integrated into the hotel – and Hotel “Post” was born.

The family’s farming roots

Johannes Hangl, the retired head of the Hangl family in Samnaun village, remembers how everything came together and developed into a family business. “I grew up in a mountain farming family in the hamlet of Kobl near Pfunds in Inntal, Austria. I was born in 1931, the eldest of nine children. We had to help out from the time we were small. Our parents worked hard, as our father worked as a day labourer and had to do various other jobs as well as running the farm. In those days, almost everyone in this remote region of Austria had to fight to survive. For us children, that life of hardship was normal, as that was all we knew.”

Seven-year-old Johannes took little notice of the beginning of the war, as the most major event for him was starting school. During his primary school years with teacher Andrea Bitterle, the groundwork was laid that allowed him to develop his independent personality. The teacher, who was already older, taught all eight school years in the same classroom. Under his strict guidance, it became a favourable environment. The little ones benefited from the lessons of the older children, while the older children could close gaps in their knowledge by listening to and revising the fundamentals. At home, the children fetched food for the animals, sowed rye, wheat, barley, oats, and potatoes in the fields, and took care of the animals.

Saying grace before meals was a firm part of the family’s day, which boosted their sense of belonging. The older the children became, the more they began to talk about what was going on in the world. Holiday-makers returned from the fronts to the village. When the war ended in 1945, Johannes was 14 years old and was spared from having to go to war as a young soldier. He was now old enough to understand that much of what we call humanity had begun to crumble. However, Johannes looked to the future and found employment as a farmhand with a farmer and livestock trader in Prutz, where he found himself welcomed by a kind family.

In love, engaged, married

In 1953, Johannes Hangl started working as a farmhand at the Prinz family’s farm and fell in love with the family’s second-youngest daughter, Carolina. She was the village’s first female ski instructor and taught on the Musella slope, Samnaun’s first ski lift, which the Prinz family were involved in building in 1955. In 1959, Johannes and Carolina married, took over Hotel Post, and contributed six boys and a girl to the next generation. From then on, they were constantly expanding, converting, and growing the business, for example with a fuel station in 1962 and the “Carolina” guesthouse in 1964.

A business built for the future

The Hangl couple started thinking early about how to hand over the running of the hotel to the next generation. Daughter and sons began taking an interest in the business and opened new branches. With wise foresight, the parents and the eldest son, Andreas, founded the family-run limited company Hangl in 1984, for which Carolina and Johannes held the primary responsibility and supported their children. As a homemaker and host, Carolina was a strong character. The hotelier couple enjoyed working – and having fun. After a rich, fulfilling life, Carolina died suddenly and unexpectedly on their 41st wedding anniversary, 10 September 2000.

Ski World Champion: the crowning achievement

Skiing in Samnaun was inextricably linked with the Hangl name from the very beginning. Carolina Hangl’s dedication laid the groundwork for a multi-generation era of sporting success. The first highlight was Martin Hangl’s world champion title in the Super G in Vail in 1989. But his siblings also let their talent shine and were able to bring several titles as Swiss ski instructors champion and even ski instructors world champion home to Samnaun.

The latest generation of skiers and hoteliers

Since the earliest days of tourism and winter sports in Samnaun, our passion has been passed down from generation to generation. The grandchildren have also inherited the skiing gene of pioneer Carolina and have demonstrated their skiing skills in international competitions. They are now pursuing goals outside of competitive skiing.

Ski in Samnaun with the Hangl family
Sandro Jenal

The son of Andreas Hangl and Monika was part of the Swiss ski team and took part in FIS, European Cup, and World Cup races as a pro.

Larissa Jenal

The daughter of Andreas Hangl and Monika was a member of the Swiss Ski team and took part in FIS and European Cup races.

Yannic Lumpi

The son of Gaby Hangl and Sebastian took part in international FIS races. Retired due to injury.

Célina Hangl

The daughter of Christian Hangl and Michaela was a member of the Swiss Ski team and achieved top rankings in the European Cup and World Cup. She retired due to injury in July 2013.

Jaqueline Hangl

The daughter of Christian Hangl and Michaela was a member of the Swiss Ski team and achieved top rankings in the European Cup and World Cup. Retired due to injury.

Jan Hangl

The son of Christian Hangl and Michaela was on the Swiss Ski team, the national training centre.

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