Cheap refuelling in Samnaun, Switzerland

Fuel prices are rising higher and higher, and driving is becoming a real luxury. But refuelling isn’t so expensive everywhere. In Samnaun, Switzerland’s only duty-free zone, refuelling petrol or diesel is still affordable thanks to the duty-free prices.

Current fuel prices in Switzerland

Duty-free fuel prices in Samnaun

There’s hardly anywhere that it’s as cheap to refuel as in Samnaun. And you can also buy everything from perfumes and cosmetics to jewellery and fashion for great prices, as the duty-free rates also apply to them. This Swiss duty-free zone starts directly after the border with Austria, where you’ll find the first fuel station with cheap petrol prices.

Current fuel prices in Switzerland

Mobility Center and other fuel stations

Besides cheap fuel prices, the Hangl Mobility Center also offers products like sugar, tobacco, coffee, perfume, spirits, and more at cheap prices. While you refuel cheaply, you can also take advantage of our all-round service and have your windscreen washed or your oil checked. A car wash facility is also ready and waiting to make your car gleam. Top offers make your stop at the Mobility Center well worth it.

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